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Grundfos MAGNA1 50-60 F

£1,549.99 (Inc. VAT)
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99221333 Commercial Circulators, Central Heating,

MAGNA1 50-60 F

Suitable for

  • Commercial air conditioning
  • Commercial heating
  • Domestic hot water recirculation
  • Domestic heating
  • District cooling
  • District heating
  • Industrial heating

The Grundfos MAGNA1 circulator pump is ideal for basic performance needs in heating and cooling applications. The pump offers basic system control and monitoring and can communicate via a fault relay and digital start/stop.

More information
SKU 99221333
Manufacturer Grundfos
Product Name MAGNA1 50-60 F
Product No 99221333
EAN Number 5712608943065
Price GBP 2082
Headmax 60 dm
TF Class 110
Model C
Pump Housing Cast iron EN-GJL-250 ASTM A48-250B
Impeller PES 30%GF
Range of Ambient Temperature 0 .. 40 °C
Maximum Operating Pressure 10 bar
Pipe Connection DN 50
Pressure Rating PN 6/10
Port-to-Port Length 240 mm
Pumped Liquid Water
Liquid Temperature Range -10 .. 110 °C
Selected Liquid Temperature 60 °C
Density 983.2 kg/m³
Electrical data
Power Input - P1 20.91 .. 252 W
Mains Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Rated Voltage [V] 1 x 230 V
Maximum Current Consumption 0.22 .. 1.15 A
Enclosure Class (IEC 34-5) X4D
Insulation Class (IEC 85) F
Energy (EEI) 0.20
Environmental Approvals CN ROHS,WEEE
Net Weight 17.4 kg
Gross Weight 19.6 kg
Shipping Volume 0.046 m³
Finnish LVI No. 4615193
Country of Origin DE
Custom Tariff No. 84137030
MAGNA1 50-60 F The Grundfos MAGNA1 circulator pump is the simple option for a job well done. With its high energy efficiency the product lives up to the EuP 2015 regulations ensuring substantial savings on electricity, and with its intuitive, user-friendly interface and maintenance-free design, MAGNA1 is the ideal circulator pump for basic performance needs in applications where basic system control and monitoring are desired. With this range of circulator pumps, everything from setup to basic control and monitoring are made easy. The pump is maintenance-free due to the canned-rotor type design. MAGNA1 offers the possibility of monitoring the pump via the fault relay output. The digital start/stop input remotely controls the pump. The pump communicates wirelessly with the Grundfos GO Remote app. MAGNA1 can work as main pump in both heating and cooling applications, including: Mixing loops Heating surfaces Air-conditioning surfaces Ground-source heat pump systems Smaller chiller applications. MAGNA1 is a single-phase pump and characterised by having the controller and operating panel integrated in the control box. The pump housing is available in both cast-iron and stainless-steel versions. The composite rotor can is carbon-fibre reinforced, the bearing plate and rotor cladding are made of stainless steel and the stator housing is made of aluminium. The power electronics are air-cooled. The pump incorporates a 4-pole synchronous, permanent-magnet motor (PM motor). This motor type is characterised by higher efficiency than a conventional asynchronous squirrel-cage motor. The pump speed is controlled by an integrated frequency converter.

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